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Hello, I am Elizabeth Jewell. I was fortunate to grow up in New England and be greatly influenced by several grandparents. I have an incredible respect for the earth and history, our elders and the ‘old ways’. I have always been interested in learning more about the past and helping to preserve as much history and culture, especially in New England, as possible.
I’m a country girl at heart and consider gardening the best sort of therapy. The New England I know best is Vermont, New Hampshire, Southern Maine and Northern Massachusetts. I am always looking for adventures to broaden my experience in the rest of the region. I hope my readers will assist me to fill in the gaps meanwhile, as I venture to expand my New England horizons.

My degree is in Creative Writing and Illustrating with a focus on New England History. I’m a writer by nature and have four books published; Franklin, Then and Now, Arcadia Publishers, Woodstock (VT) Through Time, Portsmouth (NH) Through Time and co-written Concord (NH) Through Time, with Bettey Tobey, all published by Fonthill Media and distributed through Arcadia. These publications are available in many local and on-line sites
I’m also working on a children’s story series, a preteen story, a young adult novel, and  have an adult history mystery ‘in the works’.
I have my parents to thank for my perpetual interest in New England and their never- ending encouragement. I live with my very patient husband Patrick, in an old house loaded with character, on a windy hill, and surrounded by gardens and history. We have 3 sons who are all living interesting lives of their own, within and outside of New England. I feel truly blessed.

By creating this blog, I hope to reach more folks who share similar ideals and interests. I am also blessed by supportive and technically capable family members (brother Jon and sons Gabriel and Liam), without whom, this blog would still be only a fantasy instead of a real dream come true.
Life is a never-ending journey. Dream in color. Travel with me…

3 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Nice job Elizabeth!
    I am awestruck with your detail and attention to nostalgia. Our Ice Lanterns may just be the “new pet rock”? Please use your ice lantern in the freezer and I will make you a pair of fresh ones for your entrance on Christmas Eve delivered with candle and greens FREE!
    Keep up the good work. Some day I would like to show you the childrens book I stopped writing. It has been in the bottom drawer for 9 years.
    Its name is “Fish with your Grandson…Not for him”
    Keep in touch,
    Steve Abbe


    • Steve, I’d love to see the book. My dad, brother and both sons are big fly fisherman, not me but I really appreciate it as a bonding experience. I think one of my posts, about quality time goes into that a bit…
      If you think of anything else that may need ‘recording’ for posterity, please let me know !


  2. I’d publish that book, site unseen, Steve.
    Very well written intro. I should hire you to rewrite mine!


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