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A Peek Inside the Highland Lodge Dollhouse Bedroom

If it weren’t for winter, (in the summer I am outside in the garden) my poor dollhouse dolls would never get their respective beds made up. Made up as in having proper sheets, blankets, quilts, pillows and other bed-clothes made for them and assembled in some sense of civility! This is the time of year that I choose a few more beds to tackle and haul out the boxes of tiny print fabric bits, lace scraps; antique silk remnants etc. and proceed to make them decent. So far, eighteen dressed and only seventeen or so to go…


Hinderlupen Bed Freshly Dressed

As related in my first installment, Dressing Dollhouse Beds I’ve had a lot of assistance in the past from devoted friends who have made quilts and other bed coverings for dollhouse beds in my collection. I fear they’ve tired of the effort and now I am on my own to complete the task.


Hinderlupen Bed in its Dollhouse Bedroom

My efforts have also been aided in part, by a wonderful group of ladies I’ve had the privilege to work with, who have formed an informal craft group that meets once a week after work for a few hours to share ideas and congenial company. We bring our own projects or we work on a new craft project taught by a group member. This experience has inspired me to spend more time thinking about my own creative projects as well as to try other, new crafting adventures. It’s fun to see what other people are working on and it is a great occasion to bring along projects I need to complete.

Granny Ts

Gramma T’s Bed Made Up in Her Bedroom

At the beginning of this winter, I removed a couple of doll beds and re-dressed them on a cold and windy snowed-in day. I replaced them in the houses they came from, removed another ambitious four beds and they sat on the dining room table for a couple of months over the holiday season and into the new year. I was working on yet another snowy winter day, up on the chilly third floor, trying to finish a scrapbook project that was fast becoming overhead. Suddenly, I heard tiny voice above the classical music I had playing in the background…


The Bed and Breakfast Room Box with the Bed Made Up

Chants of “Slum Lord, Slum Lord!” and “It’s freezing up here and no decent beds to sleep in!” “Skin Flint, Cheap Skate…” I turned up the music a little louder.


A Simple Cupboard Bedroom Setting

It was no good, my conscience was screaming louder than the protesting dollhouse dolls. Fine, I set aside the scrapbook project and proceeded to work on those beds in earnest. I completed the machine sewing on four beds that weekend and took them to the craft group the following week. There I was able to get all the hand sewing completed. The beds have been returned to their rightful owners, who I must admit look very pleased with the results. The remaining protesters have cut me some slack, as I removed another four beds for ‘dressing’ in the near future.


Little Women Bed in Its Humble Abode

Wow, those dolls may be tiny, but they sure can sure be rowdy when they need to be. I guess I have been remiss as a caretaker. It is the third winter I’ve committed myself to dressing those beds and I still have several left to finish.  So anyway, the answer of the thirty-five beds in a four bedroom house, is this: When I add up all the bedroom settings, in my entire collection of vignettes (26), dollhouses (28) and room boxes (31), most of them on the unheated third floor, there are thirty-one bedroom settings in all, some with more than one bedroom. No wonder I still have so many left to do! Oops, must run, I think I hear tiny voices calling…


One of the Next Candidate’s for a Make Over

Stay Tuned….