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IMG_0505Dolly Copp National Forest Picnic Area

My Father and I have a tradition. Every year, for his October birthday, we take a road trip to photograph New England’s splendid foliage. Some years that means we go North, some years south, or where ever the best color is at that time. This year, we headed north, to the White Mountains.

Jackson Bridge pngWe were fortunate that the weather cooperated. It was one of those ‘perfect New England autumn days’. The sun soon rose from the fog drenched fields and the icy rivers, to reveal a day saturated in color contrasts. Shapes emerged eerily at first from the misty background of nature…

Lake and Trees pngDad and I have differing opinions about what a great autumn color photo looks like. I am content with the more muted, woven tapestry shades of fall leaves blended together wrapped around a hillside or forming a backdrop for a village church, covered bridge or farm house.

Country Store pngCountry Store in Jackson NH

Dad is more particular and seeks the perfect specimen of flaming red trees, often isolated and dramatic in their glory. This makes for an interesting day!Red Tree png

I think the light through the trees is interesting, as is the contrast between birch trunks and autumn leaves. I really like the look of leaves scattered on pathways and on water.

Leaves on Path pngThe autumn color was more intense as we drove northward on a series of back winding roads, but the ratio of conifers was higher as we went north as well. This made the contrast between the deep green and the more isolated golds, rusts and crimsons all the most striking.

Light Through Trees pngAs the day cleared, the vistas stretched further across the valleys, sometimes for miles. We stopped whenever we spotted interesting color. We had a rough travel plan in mind but changed course a few times during the day on a whim. We incorporated a couple of notches and multiple small towns and villages.

Gold in Them HillsIn early afternoon, we found an ideal location for our picnic, the Dolly Copp picnic grounds just south of Gorham NH. There was a covered pole barn-like structure there that protected several tables from the rain and in our case, the sun. An enormous field stone fireplace stretched along one wall. We had the place to ourselves and the sound of the stream, literally, a stone’s throw away. and a myriad of birdsong was the music that accompanied our meal.

Sun on Water pngWe were able to take a few memorable photos and explore a few new places, but for me, the best part was having the time with my Dad and continuing our leaf peeping tradition …

Dad and I png