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Summer’s End

IMG_0071If you live in New England, you probably realize how brief summers can be. While winters here can seem interminable, summer is quite the opposite, and precious short. Memorial Day parades are followed closely by Fourth of July celebrations and then suddenly, it’s Labor Day and Back to School!

IMG_6036Be sure to take the time to experience this fleeting interlude of paradise that is summer in New England. It’s shorter than you think. The last frost leaves, then the humidity begins to get old and suddenly the air changes and you sense the first breath of autumn. And when the tomatoes begin to peak in abundance, you spy a few maple leaves turning to garnet.

IMG_0222In New England, there isn’t time to grow weary of summer. It’s never here long enough. Just as you anticipate the molten late evening sunsets, you observe them earlier and earlier; with darkness arriving sooner and sooner…

Isn’t it ironic that the first day of summer is often the longest day of the year, all counting down from there!

IMG_0190Don’t take summer for granted. Notice the changes in the garden. Find the best homemade ice cream stand, lie in a field and watch the stars, sleep with the windows open.

IMG_0040Make time to build those sandcastles at the beach, take a road trip to the mountains and eat on the porch as much as possible. Make excuses for picnics whenever you can. Observe nature in the garden, the hummingbirds, butterflies and bees going about their work, how entertaining. Hike that trail you’ve been putting off. Drive with your windows down. Enjoy the family reunion; get out on the water, pick-your-own berries…

IMG_0066No sooner does the garden palette change from pastel to brilliant, than it begins to fade.

2011_6 Sugar Hill LupinesEmbrace the fleeting New England summer, as it will slide through your fingers. Don’t complain about the heat, it will not last. You just begin to savor the penetrating radiance melting your bones and a chill wind follows.

Sugar Rive_ Jon IAs the local corn comes in, the phlox burst into bloom and the early apples fall; the days grow ever shorter.

BEEThe soft billowy high-up clouds in the deep blue heavens, changes in no time at all to a low-hanging bruised and brooding sky. Do the things that say summer most to you and do them often. Don’t put them off, don’t wait. Preserve those warm, honey-kissed memories of sunlight. They must last through all the long, dark winter.

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