IMG_7485That’s My Car Under There, I think….

As I listen to the wind outside howling like an enraged Banshee and watch  the ice pellets ping off the one window pane not covered with a heavy curtain, I surprise myself by not feeling even a touch of cabin fever. Perhaps it’s because I’d rather prevent than cure the winter blues.

It’s February and a muted sun struggles to penetrate the frigid gloom outside. Temperatures are in the single digits and the weather can best be described as hostile.

Gardens and yard sales are still months away. Recently, I’ve been haunting some of my favorite ‘unburied treasure’ troves and just recalling my experiences is enough to drive the chill away.

One cure for cabin fever is to do a bit of treasure hunting. The discovery is the thrill. It’s not necessarily imperative to always buy something. It’s finding a new place, seeing an interesting display idea or discovering a new source for something on my wish list. It’s also meeting other treasure hunters and comparing notes.

I’m just going to share a few of my favorites so you get the idea.

IMG_7529This is the Unassuming Entrance to White Home Collections

White Home Collections

9 Greenville Rd, Wilton NH  603-654-7363

IMG_7534Inside White Home Collections

IMG_7535White Home Market, Just Down the Road from White Home Collections

White Home Market,

Open one weekend a month, see website for schedule

40 West Intervale Rd, Wilton NH , 603-654-5900

IMG_7703‘From OUt of the Woods’ Antique Center

From Out of the Woods Antique Center

Multiple room-like settings inside a big old red barn

465 Mast Road Goffstown, NH 03045   603.624.8668

IMG_7704Some Nice Old Postcards from ‘Out of the Woods’

The Vermont Antique Mall & Marketplace

Seemingly endless displays of neat old stuff

U.S. Route 4, PO Box 730, Quechee, VT 05059877   687.2684 (toll-free)

IMG_7567Mansfield’s Used Books and More, Outside, Very Intriguing

Mansfield’s  Used Books and More,

‘Gently Used Books’ and Collectibles , lots of little rooms comfortable arranged and full of fun books and things

291 Main St. Suite #3, Tilton NH 603-729-0005

IMG_7313Cozy Reading Nook in Mansfield

Shop Next to Woodstock ShopsShop Next to ‘Who is Sylvia’

Who is Sylvia ?,   Woodstock VT

A unique women’s vintage clothing shop.

26 Central St.  Woodstock VT   802-457-7110

IMG_7538Treasure from White House Collections