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 Frost PaintingWinter paints wild portraits, on my window panes.

A thousand shades of silver spun,

a kaleidoscope of crystal-ice

kissed by Winter’s sun.


He frosts the tops of tall pine trees

with snowy caps of white.

And dips the limbs of all the rest

in molten gold sun light.

IMG_4035Sap rises from the warming earth,

teasing leaves from supple boughs.

Spring dresses in most verdant greens

and renews her ancient vows.

 Sugar Rive_ Jon I

Ice melts to dance in brooks abundant,

the meadow breeze is sweet.

Hope ripens with every bud that swells.

The pulse begins to beat

IMG_7131 Summer spreads across the hills

in quilts of greens and browns.

Fertile fields call plow and man.

Sun lets her tresses down. 2011_6 Sugar Hill Lupines

Vivid white and deepest blue,

gather in the skies aloft.

While ocean’s waves are turning wild

with waves and milky froth


Autumn’s cloaked in rustling gowns

of crimson, rust and gold.

Nature’s at her boldest

as her secrets all unfold.


The wind speaks with a sharpened tongue.

He whistles his mournful tune.

The goddess prepares for deepest sleep.

Ice crystals surround the moon…


 Winter Moon