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ME Lighthouse

New England is a rich and diverse bouquet of regions, huddled together for comfort. We are simultaneously consistent and unpredictable. Our historic Northeastern region is composed of multiple complex personalities.

MA Harbor

When you think of New England, you may have some quintessential New England ideas in mind. How about Vermont Maple Syrup, New Hampshire’s White Mountains, the rugged Seacoast of Maine, Massachusetts’ Early American history, the farmlands of Connecticut and the smallest state in the union, Rhode Island. We are wedged between the Atlantic Ocean on the East, Canada on the North and New York to the South and West, curling like a protective arm beneath us.   We are warm sand and soft snow, hard rain and basking sun. We are all of this, and oh, so much more! We are undeniably unique in every sense of the word.

Deep Winter NH

Craggy mountains, lush valleys, rugged ocean, sandy beaches, crystal blue lakes and rushing streams are what we are built from. Unexpected cities, quaint villages and towns, farms, mills and factories, we have it all. Ancestors from all the civilized continents; we are still ‘new’ in the eyes of the world. We are proud and clever and hold our traditions in a death grip. Yet we are also open to change if we think it will make us better, as hard as that may be to believe. Mostly, we respect our natural resources and are always looking for ways to use them better and protect then to the best of our ability.

While each New England state has a relatively unique personality, it’s good to remember that our borders in-between were fluid for a long time, and underneath, our basic values are pretty similar. There’s a strong sense of “what goes around comes around” and “do unto thy neighbor….”

Seacoast NH

Here in the Northeast corner of the United States, we tend not to be as fashion conscious as many other trendier regions of the country; this is especially true of the more rural areas. We’re happy to wear things that will not rapidly fade from fashion. It’s far more important to have things that will last, holding up to wear and tear and protect us from the elements, than to be ‘in-style.’ Plus, who wants to keep buying new clothes? Clothes are an investment right?

RI Whaler's House

Often, our new homes look as near as possible to our old homes, built of traditional materials in traditional styles. There are even companies that dismantle old houses and barns and build new homes from the parts. Genuine, Authentic, Old New England Homes!

Vermont Village

We cherish our handed-down favorite foods and are skeptical of new cooking techniques and ingredients. There seems to be some similar prevailing comments regarding certain things; like recipes. The old ones we know have been good enough for several previous generations and will serve us just fine, thank you. Why do we need 50 uses for zucchini anyway? That’s just wasteful! What difference does it make if I can heat soup in half the time?

Twilight Boston MA

We’re a little stubborn, just like our soil, here and the granite we’re living on. Change is slow to come and hard-won in New England, but by god, once you’ve won something, it’s yours to keep! Our war heroes are worshiped like gods and elections and sports are taken just about equally seriously here. Good jokes and family recipes are revered.

This, and so much more, is New England.Welcome!