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One of the great things about Boston, is how wonderfully walkable it is. We had two days to see just how much we could do without driving. We sure packed a lot into a short stay in Boston, and the whole time was fun but relaxing. We arrived a little before noon, checked into our hotel and set out to explore the Boston waterfront on foot. I’ve always found the contrasting architecture in Boston to be fascinating, the old and the new, shoulder to shoulder…

Copp's Hill Burial Ground

Contrasting Boston Architecture

We gravitated to the North End, perusing Copp’s Hill Burial Ground, then we found a very atmospheric and reasonable Italian restaurant where we had an extremely flavorful meal at Piccola Venezia.

Lunch at Piccola Venezia

Next we went in search of Irish pubs that were featuring live music that evening.

The Black Rose

Durty Nelly’s Olde Irish Pub

We located several pubs and a few that planned music later.

Eventually we wandered over to Faneuil Hall and the North Market area. There was ample time to browse the many stalls there and enjoy the outdoor entertainment on offer. We also meandered through Haymarket and were very tempted by all the colorful produce assembled there. A decision was made to return the next day and stock up before returning home. We really appreciated all the green spaces opened up by the Big Dig. The Rose Kennedy Rose Garden is a peaceful and colorful place to spend some down time in the city.

Rose Kennedy Rose Garden

Old North Church

This Pub was Named for One of Bostons Irish Witches

Next, we decided to check out Whale Watch Options for the next day, as the weather was supposed to be another gorgeous early autumn day. This bought us up to early evening. We walked along the waterfront, to Fan Pier and all the way to the end of that pier area. Everything was lit up along the waterfront and had a magical cast to it.

Waterfront at Twilight

Sundown at Boston Harbor

We watched the sun go down over Boston and then explored some more of the city after dark. By then it was time for our planned Olde Towne Trolley Ghost Tour which we’d reserved spots at earlier on-line. What a blast ! Our guide was Constance the Killer Bride and there was a spooky atmosphere about the tour, even the trolley appeared to be believably haunted. We spent the next hour and a half being chauffeured about the city and getting on and off at various cursed sites. We learned a lot of local history as well.

Ghost Tour Central

Constance the Killer Bride

Haunted Trolley

By the time we completed our ghost tour, which included numerous official and several unofficial burial sites and murder scenes from the distant and not so distant Boston past, it was time to return to one of the Irish pubs, the Roisin Dubh in Irish, or Black Rose in English.

We spent a couple of hours enjoying some traditional Irish music and atmosphere and returned back to our hotel room, reminiscing about our very busy day and looking cautiously around corners, the ghost tour still very fresh in our minds.

The next morning, we sat on the pier, watching the city come to life and waited for our ferry to begin loading for our Whale Watch. Our trip out to the spotting site was about an hour long. We past several islands that we plan to return to explore one day in the future and continued to head out to sea. Our guide filled us in on many interesting whale facts along the way. Finally, our Whale Guide, affiliated with the Whale Center of New England, located in Gloucester MA, exclaimed that she’d spotted some spoutings in the distance. The ferry slowed down and moved in closer. Before long, we were able to see the fountain-like evidence of 3 Humpback Whales. Soon, they moved closer to us, not at all intimidated. Next we saw fins, then whole sections of their backs as they fed beside the boat. Finally, the tales would appear just before they dove, only to resurface again a few moments later, nearby. One of the whales; Salt, a female, was at least 45 years old.

Whale Watch Ferry Boat

The institute keeps records on all the whales they spot regularly as they migrate through the area off the Boston coast. It was pretty amazing to watch these gentle creatures swimming calmly under and around our boat. More than an hour had passed before we’d realized it, then we had to return to the harbor and bid our gentle giants farewell. Our trip took about three and a half hours and was a super value.

Humpback Whale Surfacing

Humpback Whale's Tail

When we returned, it was afternoon. We strolled over to Haymarket and filled a shopping bag with delectable produce, then headed North for NH, lots of interesting memories keeping us company.