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Pillow Made from a National Wildlife Tee Shirt

When someone takes the time to create a gift for another, no matter the size, the gift is an enormous gift of love. Most of us have several under-utilized talents. It may be something as obvious as being clever with a needle or something as obscure as giving wonderful neck rubs. When making a gift for another, often the most time-consuming aspect is careful consideration of the giver’s creative abilities and the recipient’s personality.

My previous blogs; Gifts from the Garden and Gifts from the Hearth, detail some gift ideas from those specific areas. However, there are a lot of other ideas available to folks who may not have a garden and are not comfortable in the kitchen.

Consider these ideas that I have given others or been given myself. All are special and all the more so being made, or assembled, with love.


Notebooks with the covers spray painted and decorated, for use as journals, are practical and personal gifts. Include a handmade bookmark and this is a truly special gift. Personalize the journal as a garden journal, recipe collection, travel memoir or other type, depending on whom it is for, and decorate it accordingly.

Dream Journal with Bookmarks

Create a scrapbook with pre-decorated pages already to add photos and journaling to.

A set of handmade greeting cards, using the interest of the recipient as an inspiration for the theme, add some pretty Forever stamps and this is a lasting and thoughtful gift.


Throw pillows can be made from old but meaningful tee shirts.

These also make great shoulder bags when lined with denim or other sturdy fabric for durability.

Potpourri-Filled Sachets Lucilla Made

Favorite Jeans can be refashioned into a quilt or other personal item.

Stuffed animals make a special gift.

A fancy apron or drawer sachets are pretty and practical.

Beatrix Potter Print Tea Cozy Roberta Made

If you knit; hand-knit sweaters, hats, mittens and scarves are always welcome.


A special photograph printed and inserted into a handmade or specially chosen store-bought or craft fair frame.

A pot with herbs grown from seed, or houseplants grown from slips

A recording of freeware (free and legal) music downloaded and copied onto a CD, with a list of songs and artists included. Blank CD labels are sold at office and computer supply stores, ready for personalizing. (Remember it’s illegal to copy music for resale)

A recipe box filled with favorite recipes or a blank journal filled with your favorite shared memories, can bring a bit of yourself into the life of the person you give it to.

Create a ‘Take Time for Yourself’ gift bag or gift basket with:

Luxury bath items or

Tea mug with a selection of teas or

Gardening gloves, tools and seeds or

Cooking tools, seasonings and oven mitts or

Be creative, what would the recipient enjoy ?

A card, handmade or not, with a handmade gift certificate redeemable for any of the following or your own creative ideas is always welcome: dog walking, grocery shopping, baby sitting, neck rubs, a home-made meal, a batch of home-baked cookies, an evening out, a game of cards, movie and popcorn… the possibilities are endless.

So, give this some thought and see if there’s someone on your gift list that would appreciate something you have created and infused with love!