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Herb Vinegars

I love to give gifts, especially if it’s something I’ve made or grown. There seems to be no more natural resource for this, than the summer gardens. It’s wonderful to be able to stretch out the season by preserving some of the gardens’ bounty and to share that with others.

As garden season winds down, I begin to look ahead to the holidays. For me, giving from the heart often means giving from my garden. It’s a bittersweet moment as the growing season shortens and the garden begins to fade and fold in upon itself. Capturing some of the wonder extends the season and makes the event easier to accept. Being able to share the treasures of the season, with those I care about, is very satisfying.

Here are some of the gifts I make, inspired from the gardens:

Herb Vinegar A blend of cider and wine vinegars with infusions of sweet and savory herbs, presented in bottles recycled from other sources. Decorated with a ribbon, a label is added with recipe suggestions.

Herbal Blends Herbs are dried and blended. Presented in small-recycled jars or Ziploc bags, with recipe ideas included.

Potpourris Sweet herbs and flowers are blended, given in decorative jars that can be opened or sachets to place with clothes in drawers or hang on hangers.

Neck Wraps Soothing herbs, lavender, balsam, rose etc. blended with rice or barley and sewn into neck wraps to be frozen or micro waved.

Soup Mixes Dried beans and grains blended with garden herbs to create a soup mix. Presented in recycled jars, decorated and directions are included.

Herbal Tea Blends Dried herb blends to steep into herb tea, presented in recycled jars with directions and a tea ball.

Pickles Pickles made from garden produce, presented in canning jars. Translucent green Watermelon Pickles and rosy red Watermelon Relish make a great duo to give at Christmas time.

Preserves Jams, jellies and conserves made from combinations of garden fruit and berries, blended with lemons, oranges, nuts, dried fruit, wine, herbs and spices. All are preserved in canning jars.

Moss Terrariums Presented in old canning jars with a ribbon and care instructions.

Seeds Saved from favorite perennials and annual flowers and vegetables, in decorative packages, with growing instructions.

Greeting Card Sets Made from photos of garden plants and flowers and dried flowers, in groups of 6 or 8, tied with a ribbon or garden twine.

Greeting Cards from Garden Faces Photos

Garden in a Vase Bouquet

Mulled Wine or Cider A jug with a ribbon tied around the neck and a pouch of seasonings attached, plus a label or tag with mulling directions.

Potted Houseplants or Herbs In a decorative pot, with a description.

Fresh Herbs or Flowers A bouquet in a vase, in season.

 Potted Perennial In a pot with instructions.

Neck Wrap Filled with Rice and Lavender

What are your favorite garden gifts to give or receive?