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Gift giving is something I really enjoy. I don’t mean running around in stores and shopping, not at all. That is nothing I enjoy. However, giving home made or hand made gifts, or items picked up in interesting places, when I see them, now that is my idea of fun. I tend to collect gifts all year long, in expectation of Christmas, birthdays and other events. If I am in a country store and see interesting baking gadgets, I may tuck one away and try to think of a gift that will work with that item. I make gifts when things in the garden are ready or when I find items that inspire me to create something special. I give gifts from my kitchen to people I think will appreciate that sort of thing, these I call ‘gifts from the hearth’.

Cheese Set

These are some of the gifts I like to give to fellow cooks or those who enjoy eating or entertaining …

Canning Jar Mixes, Russian Tea, White Chocolate Chip Cookies, Bean Soup, Cocoa Mix with Marshmallows

Good ‘Thank You’ gifts or holiday gift for co-workers, friends, family and neighbors

Bean Soup Kit Canning jars with a variety of beans and grains and seasonings, with directions on a tag Add pot holder, wooden spoon etc. if you like.

Russian Tea Layered in a jar like a sand candle, given with a nice mug.

Cookie Kit Canning jars with homemade cookie mix; tie a cookie cutter to the jar

Jars of Preserves Tied up in a homespun dishtowel, tie on a spreader

Tea Breads Small nut breads baked in flower pots, mugs, decorative baking dishes

Maple Treat Small bottle of maple syrup with maple syrup cookbook

Honey Treat Small bottle of honey with honey cookbook

Nice Wedding or Starting Out gift

Recipe Collection Some of my favorite recipes on decorative recipe cards in a recipe box

Cheese Selection Cheese board with a variety of cheeses and a cheese knife

Pasta Set Large spatter ware kettle with bags of pasta, seasoning packets, jars of homemade sauce, loaf of Italian bread, wooden spoons, olive oil, set of checked cloth napkins, tablecloth, cheese grater etc.

Pie Set Home made pie in a pretty ceramic pie plate to keep, add a pie basket for an extra special gift, include the recipe and use the card as a gift tag.

Gift of VT Maple

Great for Kids, Including College Students.

S’Mores Kit Decorative Reusable grocery bag with boxes of graham crackers, bags of marshmallows, bars of chocolate and long sharpened sticks, with corks on the ends when not in use. Include microwave directions.

Cocoa Kit Homemade cocoa mix in a mug, layered with mini marshmallows

Fun Housewarming Gifts

Homemade Cookies Antique tins, pantry jars or cookie jars filled with homemade cookies

Mulled Wine or Cider Packets of mulling spices tied up attractively in cheesecloth, with a ribbon to the handle of a wine bottle or cider jug.

Dipping SetWhole Grain Italian or French loaf, Dipping oil and ramekins or small decorative dishes

Herbal Spread or Dipping Oil Set

Breakfast Basket Basket with a variety of jams and spreads, home made muffins or English muffins, a spreader and cloth napkins

Feel Free to send me any gift ideas from your own kitchens!

Happy Gifting!