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Where can you go and see royalty, pirates, jesters, fairies, belly dancers, peasants, archers, musicians, knights in armor and more, all in one place on one day? Well, the Renaissance Faire, for one.

I have been to a couple such Faires; one in the NH Seacoast yeas ago and one in Kingston NH, recently. Both were a lot of fun and very educational. I was amazed both times at the music and color and pageantry offered, all day long and everywhere you looked. There was truly, never a dull moment. Gypsy caravans and vendors dotted the landscape. Stages were set up at strategic locations and skits, dances and musical numbers were prevalent. Many events welcomed and encouraged audience participation.

Food and beverage, appropriate to the theme; from whole turkey legs to large frothing mugs of ale were available. Games of skill and chance, including blindfolded archery were quite entertaining. Leather, woven and metal goods could be bought from skilled craftspeople at the Faire. I noted leather-tooled mugs, silver circlets, chain mail jewelry, velvet vests and jackets, pewter collectibles, herbal potions, one-of-a-kind art pieces and many other unique items for sale. There were complete handmade ‘outfits of the day’, or individual materials available for the ‘do-it-yourselfers’ in attendance.

One thing I observed is that everyone seemed to be having a great time. If you love a bit of mystique,mixed with history, fantasy and lots of excitement and revelry, I would recommend attending a Renaissance Faire.

This year we traveled to Gloucester Massachusetts for the annual Abbadia Mare Renaissance Festival. It is held at spectacular Hammond Castle, which clings to cliffs at the side of the sea. The castle was open to the public during the faire and was amazing. Add the festivities inside and outside and it’s well worth a trip from anyway. Castle Corner

A Wee Corner of the CastleHammond Castle Grounds The Verge Between the Castle and the SeaIMG_9633A Couple of the Several Towers at Hammond Castle IMG_9637 Gearing up for BattleIMG_9641Pat Waving from a Precarious Perch IMG_9676What a Great Use of Stone ! Knights GarbEighty Pounds of Armor at 86 Degrees Outside. Add at least 30 Degrees to Have the Interior Temperature. Those Knights Were Really Brave ! Music at Hammond Castle Ethereal Music Permeated the Air.Storytellers at the FaireSwashbuckling Storytellers Liven Things Up !

I hope you can make it next year !