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North Wind Chair Back

I love a bit of whimsy in everyday life. I should probably blame that on my Grandmother Tobey. She collected many things that were fun. She had a lot of little animal figurines doing funny things. A cat and a fox as match holders, a set of little chamber pots and she often sketched little cartoons of animals doing silly things.

Whimsical (& Practical) Kitchen Critters

I only recently gave this any conscious thought. Over the years, I have collected goose cookie jars and tureens, duck and chicken covered dishes, cow creamers and butter dishes… A honey pot shaped like a beehive, rabbit pitchers and all sorts of fun kitchen implements.

These make meals more fun and bring a smile when glimpsed between meals. Life should bring as many smiles as possible, I believe, and this is one easy way to do that.

A little imagination is a wonderful thing.

Gramma's Whimsical Match Holders

We have a reproduction cast iron squirrel nutcracker and teapots shaped like cottages and a castle. The steamer on the wood stove is shaped like a log cabin and when it’s hot, steam pours out of the chimney, like smoke.             In the garden, we have leprechauns, fairies and gargoyles, green men and goddesses.

It brings a smile whenever my eye rests on any of these figures.

Garden Rabbit with Lantern

I’ve always had a thing for pressed back chairs, especially those with faces in the back panel. I have rescued several of these over the years, no two alike of course… My office chair is one such.

This Garden is Guarded by Gargoyles