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Blue Stoneware, Blue Calico and Early Winter

There’s something about blue and white dishes that I just love. Perhaps it was growing up with the Currier & Ive’s place setting Early Winter. Or maybe reading the story of Blue Willow as a young child inspired me. Maybe something else totally unrelated that I have forgotten, but whatever the reason, I love the blue and white mural plates and other blue and white plates and serving ware. As a young adult, I looked for them at yard sales.

White Ironstone, Blue Calico and Harvest

Blue Willow is our everyday dish pattern. At last count, I had odd pieces from twelve different versions of Blue Willow, made in six different countries, some over 100 years old. It doesn’t bother me that they don’t ‘match’ or have nicks out of them. In fact, I think it makes them more interesting. Because none of the pieces are in perfect condition, I am not concerned about using them. It frees me up in a way… I love mixing them up with pieces from several other odd blue and white dish sets as well.

I tend to gravitate to other blue and white dishes and serving plates as well. Most are old but some are relatively recent. There’s also some heavy ironstone in white and some stone ware in cobalt blue, both get frequently intermingled with the blue and white patterned dishes.

I also have some granite ware in various blue and white pattern, some pottery that is pale grey and white and some pieces of Blue Calico. They are often combined at meals with abandon, the color blue being the unifying factor. There’s a sort of theme there and it’s all very comforting to me, especially when everything sits on top of one of our blue and white tablecloths.