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Home Security System

What makes you feel secure at home?  To me, nothing says “Security” like having next winter’s wood on hand. The sight of a pile of wood in the yard, or the neatly stacked cords of firewood in the woodshed, never fails to move me and instill a sense of security. Growing up in Northern Vermont, we heated with wood, not entirely but as a back up fuel and used it often in the evenings and weekends, so I was very comfortable with the process. One winter, a terrible storm and fire nearby, resulted in us being without power for a couple of months. I don’t know what we would have done without our wood supply. Suddenly, it was our sole heat source and often our only cooking fuel.  As I grew older, I became more involved in the process of heating with wood. My brother and I helped my folks to take down trees in the woods that needed thinning out. We would hold the ends of logs so Dad could cut them to length. Then we carried them to the old pick up truck. At home, we stacked the ones that were a proper diameter and separated those that were too big and needed splitting. Dad handled all the splitting himself for years, then when we were in our mid teens, he deemed we were old enough and responsible enough to handle the tools and do thejob. I’d been splitting wood for several years by the time I left  to attend college.  I and several others rented an old house in Gabriels, upper New York state. It was my job to teach the others how to split the wood we had delivered to heat that old house in the winter. Splitting firewood was hard work but satisfying. I found I actually enjoyed splitting kindling and could do it for hours. The sweet sappy scent of fresh wood is another small pleasure of life in New England. I We still heat with wood, in the evenings and weekends during cold weather. We leave it outside for months in the summer to dry in the sun and wind, stacking one row at a time so it can air dry thoroughly. Every time I pass the pile, I take a deep whiff. The faint hint of wood fires to come greets me. So now, when I see the woodpile, in the yard or in the shed, it makes me very warm inside, just knowing it’s there. The summers are always too short and the winters are so very long, it’s nice to feel as prepared as possible and the woodpile is a very big part of that!  That’s my idea of home security !

Stacked Up