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My Kerosene Lamp from Lehman's

One of the catalogs I receive because I requested it, as opposed to somehow getting on their mailing list, is Lehman’s. I really enjoy browsing through this and reading all the descriptions.

Lehman’s Non-Electric catalog is a step into the past and the future at the same time. Living off the grid was not an option in our grandparent’s early days. You either were on or you weren’t. Now it’s not only an option, it is a choice for many. Lehman’s caters to those. It is interesting how many folks fall into that category, full-time, like the Amish or homesteaders, or part-time, like campers and folks with unreliable electric service or storm survivors with limited or no power.

It is so heartening to know that there are companies out there still making items that most people assume only exist anymore as antiques. Items like wood burning cook stoves and kerosene lanterns, wooden cider presses and metal washtubs. It certainly stirs the imagination to consider living without all the modern conveniences we take so much for granted on a daily basis.

It is nice to live in an era where we can pick and choose to what extent we wish to keep and give up these items. Sometimes, interestingly enough, some of these products, like kerosene lamps, can actually improve the standard of living in areas where maintaining dependable electric service is an issue.

A Recently Acquired Local Milk Bottle

Just having some of these things can give one much-needed peace of mind in a serious storm or other potential power outage situation. Having a wood stove that is designed to cook meals as well as provide adequate heat, seems like a novel idea. Items like this allow a modicum of comfort to those living in remote areas as well. Old concepts, rediscovered…

The pure practicality of these products is reason enough to consider some of them, but if that weren’t enough, consider the nostalgia factor. Lehman’s carries speckleware dishes and utensils, glass canning jars and old-time wooden games. Who wouldn’t welcome the opportunity to experience using some of these memory makers?

Look for things that society has recently learned to appreciate all over again. Locally, there are several dairies, responding to public demand, selling milk in bottles again. I love it! Rediscover the way things used to be done. Enjoy the process and relish the journey. Let some of the old ways teach you to slow down and live life to the fullest.